Our mission

Greater sustainability for people and its environments

Environmental services are a complex topic. Moreover, it is a topic that applies to all social groups - from industrial enterprises, to the public sector, to private individuals. Violet Line's ultimate goal is to offer all these groups sustainable solutions that are both resource and environment friendly. We have divided our activities into two main areas - recycling, services.


We do everything we need to ensure that raw materials are recovered and reused, so that they are not lost forever.

Nothing on our planet can last forever - which concerns also our raw material reserves. That is why we use the most modern processes to help protect our natural resources. Every year, we collect, process and sell approximately 50,000 tonnes of secondary raw materials. We service virtually any type of material - from paper and wood, through construction and steel waste, to plastics and precious metals. Furthermore, we also process materials that at first glance seem impossible to be recycled (e.g. hazardous waste).

We always have a big picture in mind when we think about recycling and when we practice recycling, because this activity involves much more than just individual processing. We provide our clients with additional support at every request - advising them on issues such as material flow management and developing comprehensive concepts including material analysis and quality assurance, collection and logistics and, of course, intelligent recycling solutions. One of our main goals is to continually increase the number and quality of these recycling solutions. We are constantly working on the development of new technologies so that more and more raw materials can be recovered and be returned to production cycles.


By providing a comprehensive and diverse range of industrial and public services, we help companies, local authorities and residents manage their resources in a sustainable way.

Regardless of what technologies or services we develop within the company or what experience we can gather, we always share them with others. The result is a full and complete range of services that have been tailored to the exact requirements of our customers and that intentionally combine sustainability, environmental protection, cost savings and resource conservation. Although our services have basically been divided into two groups - industrial services for companies and public services for local authorities - they often overlap. Some of our services may benefit two or even all three target groups.