Europe has a high demand for non-Ferrous metals but has limited natural resources. The recycling (recovery) of metals gives access to metal reserves that are bound to different products. It is therefore that Violet Line can contribute significantly to the recovery and therefor supply of copper and other non-Ferrous metals that are not coming from natural resources. The recycling of copper, silver, gold and other non-ferrous metals does not affect the quality of the metals in a negative way and can be repeated as often as desired.

Metal recycling meets sustainability criteria and is the basis for modern recycling management. It saves natural resources, reduces energy demand and prevents the loss of valuable materials.

Violet Line uses the most modern technologies to bring these valuable recycled raw materials back into the economic cycle. We ensure that high-quality products are recovered from recyclable materials of various qualities and compositions.

Violet Line is a pioneer in technology and innovation in the processing of ashes from the incineration of household waste (IBA). The company combines its know-how in this area with a concept consisting of five technological components - from ash processing to recovery and concentration of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as the production of high-quality mineral building materials. Our non-ferrous technology called Violet Line® is unique on the market. This applies in particular to the optimized recovery of valuable non-ferrous metals. Here, we combine our experience of the last decades, which result in new business models, and create the right added value for our international clients.